Still there

“Hey buddy, are you still there?” my friend asked. I couldn’t speak, I was lying on the floor, frozen in place. All I was wearing was that stupid magic amulet he gave me. “Hey Tom, look at me!” he said. Suddenly I turned my face towards him and said out loud “I am not tom”. I couldn’t believe I was saying that. I wanted to yell at him, and tell him to turn me back, but everytime I tried to say something, my body said something else. “My name is Emily”, my body said.

My so called friend smiled. “Emily, why are you here?” he asked. “I am here, because you summoned me with the magic amulet.”. “Is tom still inside you?” he insisted. “Yes, he can hear, see and feel everything I do”. He came closer to us, and whisper to the amulet “Tom does not exist, you have always been Emily, and always will be, you are my wife”. I felt goose bumps as I heard those words. At that moment, I could speak again. “Hey hubby”, I said, “What are you waiting for? I am not naked just for your viewing pleasure, let’s do it like we have never done it before”. He undressed, I knew what was coming next, and I couldn’t wait, I was already wet.


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