The Last Night

I don’t think she had expected me to be so willing to fuck her when she broke into my house. Oh I knew what she was, the lowered intelligence and bouncing breasts gave that away, I didn’t care.

My family had been infected early on, and I had only managed to escape by hiding in the attic when the bimbos got them. I still remember the looks on their faces when they left the house, like they knew I was in there still, and where judging me for letting this happen to them.

I hadn’t slept much since then, the image of the bimbos that had been my family haunting my dreams. I knew what I had to do, there was no other choice.

I paraded around naked, giving the bimbos outside a perfect view of me and left the door unlocked so they could get in. When this one did, I got to work fucking her. I didn’t care who she used to be, she was a bimbo and I wanted to be one too.

I’d spend the whole night doing this before blacking out with a blonde riding my cock. The next morning I woke up a woman, I smile when I see my family standing on the front walk as I go to join them.

We’d never be apart again.


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