Sex as a Woman.

You look down to find the masculine appearance of the man you used to call you best friend now messaging your new perky breasts as he thrusts his long thick cock into your virgin pussy. Becoming a girl was not a complete issue to you as you always imagined yourself in pretty clothing applying makeup with your petite hands brought out by cute nail polish, this was always of a fantasy of yours, but the issue came with your insecure speculation about sex as a girl, something that had always been described to you as awkward and uncomfortable, which became the only hold back from you getting a sex change. A hold back you now find silly since the virus transformed you regardless of want, as you now realize that sex is much better as a woman. In fact you can’t help moan and giggle as the giant cock is slamming your dripping pussy, knowing that if your pussy weren’t getting all the fun your mouth would. The very though of it in your mouth grazing your throat made you squeal a soprano yelp that reminds you of your femininity. You know that you are now happy.


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