The hacker

Pussycat say: So, have you succefully cracked tha high secured gouvernemental website this night?
Pirate666: Sadly not and talking about that, i think i will need your help for something
Pussycat say: Yeah, anything for my favorite bad boy hacker.
Pirate666: i know i could count on you. Then just take your headset and launch the program i sent you.
Pussycat say: Ok, i just have to click on “transfer”?
Pirate666 say: Yes

Pirate666 say: WTF!!!!!
Pussycat say: Thank you for you body. You haven’t lie, you really are a cutie.
Pirate666 say: Am i in your body? How is this possible?
Pussycat say: Yes you are. Sorry i needed a backup plan in case i was spotted by the authorities. And even if i would have prefered to be a guy, your body will do perfectly.
Pirate666 say: You can’t do this to me, i don’t want to be a man!
Pussycat say: Yeah, i know, sorry again, but you will have to from now. But don’t worry, you seemed to like bad guys, and soon, you will be in a place where you will have plenty of them.
Pirate666: What do you mean? Is that siren i hear?
Pussycat say: Its really possible the police is close enough for you to hear them yeah. So i will leave you now. The program i launch before our swap will erase my old computer in the next second. So, don’t bother trying explain i stolen your body, you’ll have no proof and just end up in a mad house. Good bye and thank you for your help.

Pirate666 is typing a message

Pirate666 is deconnected


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