The Great Shift… in Weight!

Harry was doing whistles, and ogles at the busty chick at his party, Gwen. She was getting uncomfortable, and disturbed by this rudeness, but what could she do? Somehow, Harry, and his buddies managed to find a way to pull Gwen’s top off, and snip off her bra as well, exposing her huge chest to the partygoers. She was stunned, humiliated, and upset, but then….

The Great Shift hit their fine town! Harry was no longer holding the top he ripped off Gwen, instead he was holding her boobs AS HER! Long blonde hair in his face, and as he let go of the massive melons now attached to his chest, his mouth opened in shock and horror! He was now the one being humiliated for his body! He was now the object of desire of the horny men at the party! The weights were immense, and he never felt anything like it before. Even the hands that were holding them felt different, they were softer, tinier, and he couldn’t believe he now had feminine painted nails! He was the chick now! He was the big boobed babe at the party!

Meanwhile Gwen was shifted to Harry’s body, and she wasn’t pleased with being a man either, but soon realizing the payback of the Great Shift, she smiled anyway, realizing it was probably Harry in that body to shocked look on her old body’s face! This was almost worth it she thought, the look on his face, after becoming that which he humiliated and mistreated so badly, he, NO SHE was now the object of all the bad she was doing earlier as a man.

As the TV announcer said the Great Shift had occurred locally, and of course was permanent, Gwen got a smirk on her new face.

Gwen now in Harry’s body, and now a man said, “GWEN babe! NICE TITS. I’m glad we made you more comfortable by taking off your top and bra! You look amazing sweet cheeks. Way to show off those lovely jugs babe. What a woman! Shake them boobs baby, show what you’ve got, WOMAN!”

Tears began to role down Harry’s new female face, as SHE realized this was permanent, and she would now be the one scrutinized for her massive natural breasts, and female body! She was sorry at this point for all she had done as a man to mistreat women, but now she would pay permanently, as a female the rest of her days, and carry around those breasts as a constant reminder of her new status as a busty woman, and what she caused so much trouble about, BOOBS!

On a side note, Ned the buddy that snipped the bra? He ended up in his history teacher’s body across the street as she was blowing her husband and taking a huge load on her face. It looks like he paid the price too, and to boot? His new boobs as Mrs. Lana Leigh were much more saggy, as he was now 45! As he felt his new hubby’s hot cum hit his makeup covered face and felt the pinch of the pointed 4 inch heels on his nylon clad toes, he screamed, hearing his science teacher’s voice, confirming who he now was, and realizing this must be the Great Shift, and that means permanent womanhood!

The other guys involved all ended up paying, as fate seemed to deal payback to all involved with Gwen’s humiliation. The other guys all swapped with strippers from down the street at Club Casual, with dollars in their bras, and huge boobs filling them. One was in the VIP room at the time, and the guy swapped with her as she was being taken in the butt and pussy, also her mouth, while she was grasping two more cocks with her long pink nails!


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