It’ll work

I was sceptical at first, but I had to admit: it felt amazing. After my friend Dan had brought me this piece of tech and explained his plan, I couldn’t help but shake my head in bewilderment. He wanted me to put on this one-piece skinsuit, apparently the newest project from his research facility, and play his girlfriend in front of his parents. Of course I didn’t think that was going to work, but he insisted I at least try it on. Now that I’m wearing this thing, I’m not so sure anymore. The plan sounds crazy alright, until you consider I used to be a guy a few minutes ago.
“So, what do you think?” Dan asked me in anticipation.
“I do-“, taken aback by my voice, I put a hand on my lips, gasping. A delicate, slender hand on my soft full lips.
“Oh yeah, right. The suit also alters your voice, probably should’ve told you.” he explained.
“This is messed up! I mean, I know this isn’t my body. But it feels so right.” I said softly, listening to my new husky voice.
Now curiosity got the better of me and I stepped into the bathroom, closing the door and hearing Dan in muffled tones behind the door say “Don’t take too long. And be careful with the suit!”. I turned to the mirror and looking at me was a breathtaking brunette in black underwear. I lifted my arm. She did the same. I looked down, hefting my breasts with both hands. She did the same. I turned around, looking over my shoulder, taking in her beautiful behind. She did the same. She mirrored my every move, I was her.
Then I noticed something: She did everything with a feminine grace and elegance that I knew I didn’t possess before. Had this suit done more things to me than I thought? “What else did this thing change?!” I asked fiery stepping out the bathroom door. “Maybe some small adjustments to your muscle memory…” he calmly stated.
“I’m still not convinced your plan’s going to work. I may look, sound and move like a woman, but there’s no way I can pass as a real one in a real conversation.”, I emphasized the word real.
“Don’t worry. That’s why I’ll let you stay like this for the next two weeks for practice before my parents are visiting. I’m sure it’ll work just fine!”


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