The gemstone

One day, as I was about to get into my car, I noticed there was a small envelope on my windshield. I picked it up, and got into my car. I openned the envelope, inside it, was a gemstone. The color was hard to describe, it looked green, but it had a pink hue on it. I reached inside of it, but as soon as I touched the stone, everything went black. Time did pass, but I don’t know what happened during the blackout. When I came back to my senses, I was at home, almost fully naked, I was wearing panties. “what the f?” I said outloud. I took them off, I was my normal self, but for some reason during the blackout I dressed like a woman. I looked around, but the gemstone was nowhere to be seen.

I got dressed, and notice something shiny inside one of my pockets, it was the gemstone. “I wonder, if this is the cause of my blackout” I said as I picked it up again. Everything went black again. Hours later I woke up, but this time I was in bed, naked, at a different appartment. i looked around, and I was alone, “thank god” I said, as I picked up the only men clothes I could find. “These aren’t mine” I said outloud. Then I heard someone taking a shower. “Oh shit!” I thought. I got out of that appartment, and took a cab home. “Not only did I dress as a woman, I slept with a man?” I was discusted.

When I got home, I saw the gemstone, lying right there in my coffee table. “I won’t pick that up ever again”. I checked my room, and appart from my usual clothes, there were women’s clothes. “Did I buy new clothes during the blackout?” I thought. 10 minutes later my friend James showed up. It was saturday, and we usually go running and the play some videogames afterwards. I openned the door, “let me get ready” I said. I walked back into my room, and put my workout clothes. When I went back out, I saw my friend looking at the gemstone, “what is this? it is kind of girly” he said as he picked it up. Then a light flash came from it. James was gone, and in his place, a hot blonde woman. “Oh hi” she said, “wanna do it?” The stone had transformed James into a woman, that was what happened to me?!, in a way I was relieved.

Then James said “I am Jane, please fuck me, I am so hot” she said. I wanted to resist, I really wanted to, but she took my pants off and started to give me a blowjob. After having the kinkiest sex ever, we cuddled for a while. Then, the flash again, and James was back. “what happened?” he asked without noticing he was wearing black seethrough nylons and babydoll. “Not much… but.. could you pass me that gemstone” I said while pointing at my nightstand. As he did, He was transformed back into Jane. I took the stone myself “maybe some lesbian sex” I thought. But nothing happened, I was still me. I guess the stone can only transform one person at a time. I quickly looked for a necklace and placed the stone on it. “Jane, I love you, and to show my love to you, I’ll give you this necklace, you must promise me you will never, ever take it off” I told her. “Thanks! I love you too” she said, placing the necklace on her neck.

That was 3 years ago. And since that day, she has been Jane 100% of the time. After I got her pregnant, we got engaged. And I am the happiest man alive, I have the perfect and kinkiest girlfriend.


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