The fountain of youth.

Back in the early 16th century a group of Conquistador set out from Spain looking for the fabled fountain of youth in the amazon rainforest.

Taking a local priest hostage as their guide they were led to the fabled city of the Amazon female warriors.
The captain of the conquistadors tried to take the Queen hostage as she would not give up the location of the fountain of youth as they were sworn to protect it.

The conquistadors were given an offer serve the Queen or die but they did not know only females could serve the Queen.
One by one they swore loyalty to the Queen and waited for the right time to escape.

They will led off to the fountain and one by one they were made to bathe in its clear water as the water cascaded down and touched their skin they were turned into beautiful Amazon women and would be mothers and Warriors to a new race.

As the fountain came from mother Earth anybody partaking in its water would be turned into a very fertile woman and would protected with their life.


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