The Everlasting Summer Body

As everyone must do, Evan flipped the calendar to October, and finally kissed summer good-bye. He lived in Boston, Massachusetts, so he got to experience a four-season year. And while that was always seen as a blessing, Evan just wanted his summer days back. The good days taking a trip down to Cape Cod while having a beer and listening to country music. But, sadly now he would be forced to go back to his office street on State Street, wear sweaters, and start switching back to hot coffee. However on the bright side he got to let go a little bit and not have to keep up the “summer bod”. Evan truly just wanted to be in the summer sun forever.

One day Evan was taking the subway to work and saw something peculiar in the station. On the floor down the platform there seemed to be a rather shiny coin, it was no penny or nickel, they don’t shine that much, and he started to make his way over to the coin. Passing through other people waiting for the same train as he, it started to come to mind that no one else was seeing the same thing he was, and that he was the only one to see the bright flash of the coin. He finally got to the coin and picked it up, it had a Roman Numeral #1 on both sides. He flipped it around many times to see if he was missing anything, but each flip confirmed the number one was the only thing present on this gold shiny coin. Next thing he knew was a Green Line trolley rolled into the station, so he stuffed the coin in his pocket, and hopped on board.

The usual 2:00 boredom started to set in for Evan. He remembered he had the coin in his pocket and took it out, he started to just play with it in his hand. His office had a fair amount of windows, but they only looked out to the busy streets of Boston below. Just many people passing by as they do every day, nothing really special. Looking out on the bleak street, he started to dream of being on a beach, his body tanning under the sun and all the worries just not being important. And under his breath Evan whispered to himself, “Man, I wish that I was on the beach forever.” The coin started to shine so bright, it was blinding, and it made him wicked hot.

“Oh my god, ugh, what was that? Who said that? Is that me? Ohh my god!!” A high female voice screeched from his throat. Not only was his voice female, but the words he spoke came out in Spanish! He rubbed his eyes and looked in front of him. A bright blue ocean, light sand, and a burning sun greeted him, and he could not be happier as he figured out he was on a beach in Chile.

Now of course adjusting to a new sex can be difficult. But being a hot sexy babe on a beach makes you very aware of your body, and of others too! The highly increased sex drive made him go guy crazy, and he fucked a new guy every night. Of course Evan still wanted to be a guy, but he did not know how long he would stay in this body, so he made the most of it. Plus, he also loved his new life, and was living in the summer sun every day. And little did our new Elisa know that every 6 months she’d be transported and changed into a new girl on a new beach, that way she’d keep up with where the summer was. So in 5 months and 3 weeks Elisa will say hello to Long Beach for the first time as a smoking hot babe.


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