the day I sucked my own dick

it was around 5pm i had just come home from work, when i opened the front door my girlfriend was sitting on the couch and told me she had something exciting to show me, so i sat down on the couch while she went off and grabbed the suprise.
2 minutes passed and she came back with her arms behind her back, and then told me to guess what was behind her back, after about 5 minutes of guessing i gave up and asked her what it was, and she pulled out a monkey paw saying ”its a magic paw that will grant anyone 5 wishes” i told her it was bullshit.
she just laughed and said if bull shit then ”i wish we would swap bodys” she said
suddenly everything went black and numb, when i finally got the feeling back i felt odd and different in places, I was scared to open my eyes, when i did though i was staring at my old body in shock, while she or should i say he just laughed and said ”whats bullshit now? omg being you feels so strong and my voice its so much more deeper”
when i could finally get a word out i was shocked at how girly i sounded and looked down to see inow had fleshy lumps on my chest and an absence of manhood in my undies, my crotch was completly flat.
my girlfriend then pulled out my new cock and started stroking it till it got hard and started to moan how nice having a dick was ” i love being a man” she said suddenly i was over whelmed with my new bodys hormones i could feel a dampness and longing to filled in my crotch as i looked at my old cock, i slowly started to strip for him seducing him even more
when i was down to only my bra and panties i started to stroke it, it felt weird holding it with out feeling it myself, my new feminine hands slid up and down my old cock, she said ”that feels great hun” ”well it used to be mine remember” i replied
then aall of sudden i had a sudden urge to stick it in my mouth, i was cautious at first with just a lick up the shaft as she moaned i placed it fully in my mouth, it was such a great feeling to suck my own dick, plus it was way easier than licking a pussy, i felt my new pussy dripping with anticipation of what was to come.
as i had it completly in my mouth she stated that this is fun and that we should stay this way, i just nodded and kept sucking, i was loving it and then i felt it tenseing in my mouth and suddenly my face was covered and my mouth was full of cum, my own cum, i loved the taste, i was definatly not going back i cant wait to try sex


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