The Curse of the Djinn Part 1

I used to be a photographer, and could only make the local scene. Sometimes to make ends meet, I’d go to the fair for the paper. Spotting this beautiful girl I couldn’t help but see if I could get her picture.

“Hey do you mind if I can get a quick photo?” I grinned sheepishly with my camera.

“Sure, but you’ve got to answer a question for me afterwards.” She looked me over with a sly grin; I think she liked me.

“Uh, ok shoot.” I said, taking a few photos while she posed.

“What do you wish for most?” She said. She stared intently into my eyes.

“I guess…to get to know you better.” I said with as much courage I could muster. My heart was pounding through my chest. I don’t know why I was so nervous. I never had a problem hitting on anyone before; but this girl had a strange and powerful air to her.

“Hmm…Ok. But first, let me go talk to my friend to let her know where I am. Stay right here!” She walked off, and dropped something on the ground, with a large thud, even in the dirt.”

“Ok. Hey you dropped your–” And then all of a sudden, I could feel a cold breeze rush by my thighs and my stomach.
I turned to look down only to have my face covered by golden hair. “What the hell?” I froze. Did I say that at the same time as that girl? I brushed my hair away. I was now that girl, and the strange metal hourglass she dropped had disappeared from my hands.

And that’s when everyone around me froze.


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