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The Curse of the Djinn Part 1

I used to be a photographer, and could only make the local scene. Sometimes to make ends meet, I’d go to the fair for the paper. Spotting this beautiful girl I couldn’t help but see if I could get her picture. Read more

Body Switch

Ever since we switched bodies, Rachel and I have become more comfortable in our new bodies. We were laying in bed talking…one thing led to another and….Mmmmpf…I can’t believe I’m doing this…Uuuum this isn’t so bad!!!! OMG!!! What she is doing with her tongue in my….Ooooooooh!!!! Her/his penis is so big and tasty!!!Mmmmm…I just want to suck all his cum out of it. I don’t want this to stop!!!!

Me So Horny!!!

My GF got mad at me because she caught me flirting with another woman. Oh she was fuming!!! She said “If you want her so badly, you can be her!” She said some words that I didn’t understand and walked off… About 2 seconds later I started feeling very weird! I was burning up. I went into the bathroom to splash some water on my face and discovered that I was changing into that other woman! I was getting so horny thinking about sex that I grabbed a dildo that was laying on the countertop and started working it in and out of my new sex!!Oooooooh that feels SO GOOD!!!