That’s Weird

So I was driving through the country and stopped to offer a ride to a pregnant girl walking down the road. Nothing unusual about that. Then, some how, she swaps bodies with me, steals my car and leaves me standing there in her pregnant body. That doesn’t happen every day, but I can deal with it. Then a beat up old pickup slides to a stop and some hillbilly calls me Darla and yells at me to get in the damn truck. What the hell, it beats walking. I guess I’m Darla now. Before long we pull up in front of an old house and he tells me to get out. I might as well. I’m not sure this truck would make it much further anyway. The he starts to take his clothes off and tells me to do the same and get on the bed. Well he’s a guy and I’m a girl now and this body has obviously done it before so why not. Before long I’m on all fours getting fucked doggy style. The hayseed was in such a hurry to fuck me, he didn’t even take the time to remove his socks. Okay, the body swap, this yokel, the getting fucked, all this I sorta understand but what the hell is with that rubber chicken hanging from the light? That’s just weird!


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