That’s Right Former Boyfriend

“That’s right my former boyfriend. Suck my new man’s cock! You should be privileged I’m sharing him with you. You were never much of a man, so I made you a woman. Now if you want to be with me, you can share my man, and learn how to be a woman like me,” said Ted’s ex-girlfriend Lisa.

Ted was stunned to suddenly be a redhead woman, but even more so that somehow his ex was manipulating him into sucking her new man’s penis. It’s like a power went over him, and he just had to start sucking! His ex smiled as he, no she was sucking off this huge cock!

“That’s it Teresa, suck it good. You will make a great friend, but just a lady friend. We will shop and do our hair and makeup, and later go out to find you a man, maybe even bigger than my man! How does that sound, my little hoe?”

The new Teresa only mumbled as she was still sucking by the power her ex was putting on her new body. Once the man came, Teresa was free, free to taste the seed of a man as a woman, with new desires!

Teresa was stunned, and tried to spit most of the hot cum out, but somehow in the back of her new mind, she loved the taste! This was only the beginning, and soon Teresa would be a total slut!


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