Couln’t pick a better body

Michael couldn’t believe that he was actually feeling pretty good after the Great Shift. One moment he was on top of this lovely lady giving her the night of her life after picking her up in a bar, and the next he was her and he was getting the night of a lifetime. The woman, Gina, was in his body and he was in hers. Here we see the new Gina smiling as she watches the old Gina leave to assume her new life. The had come to the decision to just swap lives rather than try to reclaim their old ones. Michael had lost fifteen years in the deal but felt good about it because he gained the body and life of a beautiful woman that could still turn heads. Plus her two daughters, her five grandchildren, and her well paying job. The Great Shift had turned out bad for a lot of people, but for the new Gina and her younger boyfriend Michael life couldn’t be better.


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