TG Flu – Noah part 1

Noah had been a normal 14 year old kid. Picked on at school for being the nerd, he hated his life until he began feeling sick one day. His parents took him to the doctor and everyone was shocked to find out he had caught the TG Flu. Noah’s life would change forever.

First it was his hair and nails that started to grow. Everyday, they’d be just a little bit longer. Then he started losing weight. His hips widened while his waist narrowed. His arms and hands became dainty shadows of what they once were. One morning, he awoke to find out he was 3 inches taller; his legs had grown overnight. Little by little, his face cleared up his acne he had been dealing with. Cheekbones grew more pronounced and his lips plumped slightly. His penis slowly shriveled away to nothing to leave a tight vagina in its place. Last to change had been his breasts. He was a little disappointed when they stopped growing at small B cups but he could work with them.

After taking a picture on his phone the last day of summer, Norah knew that she wouldn’t be picked on ever again.


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