Tex was acting all rough and tough at the bank, telling his friend Tim he was going to buy his ranch out from under him.

Tim replied, “Tex, you can’t buy with what you don’t have. The money belongs to Tex, true, but then again, you aren’t Tex now.”

Suddenly Tex turned into a hot naked blonde with only his boots still on! He fell to his knees in shock grabbing his new ass, as he felt the long hair and new chest weights on him!

Tim said, “Tex you are now Tess, my live in girlfriend farmhand. No one will believe you were ever Tex looking like that, so either take my offer or be on the street. With a body like that, you might want to come with me little lady, er mam.”

Tex, now Tess was horrified at what happened, but he had no choice but to go with Tim. Either that or be left there in public as a naked busty blonde chick with no ID which might be bad. He would have to find out what Tim did to him, so he went with him.

Outside the bank Tim said, “Well, now pretty lady, we need to cover you up a bit.”

Tim’s eyes glowed and suddenly Tess was wearing a skirt and blouse. This made the new Tess realized she might be stuck this way, there is no way she could outdo a man with powers like that!


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