Teacher Conference

Trina Dickenson wanted to swap bodies with Jack Beaverson, her science student. She said her dad invented a way to swap, but it was probably one way. Another swap would kill she had thought from what her dad had said. He was desperate for some trial runs, and when his own daughter volunteered, he was a bit put off, but then again, she was family and he wanted to test. He offered himself, but she refused, saying she needed him as he was for her dad and for his experiments to have credibility with his face on them! She said she would find another volunteer.

She asked Jack Beaverson, her prize student if he was interested. He said possibly, but wasn’t sure. He asked if it was reversible, and she lied saying it was! So finally he agreed with her promising him a college grant after graduation! Being as kinky as she was, she wanted to place him into being a woman in a very extreme way, so she waited until she was with her hunky boyfriend the football coach for her dad to activate the swap machine. She left Jack in the living room, while she locked the bathroom door, and blew the coach!

As she was licking his cock after he exploded on her sexy face, Jack and Trina swapped bodies! Suddenly Jack found himself in the bathroom staring up at the football coach Mr. Harry Post. His new right hand was around the coach’s penis, and it was long and hard still even after orgasm, as he realized he was wearing the coaches hot cum! What happened next was indescribable… he somehow had a new desire for the coach, the penis, the cum, the coaches cute face, and big strong body all were turning him on!

He looked down at his huge boobs, covered in cum and exposed, then to his new wet pussy, exposed also as his shiny nude pantyhose were down around his large soft new thighs! He then quickly got up, unlocked the bathroom door, and went to the living room to find his former body. There it stood with Ms. Trina Dickenson in it smiling.

She said the swap was a success, but when Jack asked to swap back, she shook her new manly head at him, “No can do, it will kill us. It can be done, but we would die. I was partially right as it can be reversed, but I just didn’t tell you that it would kill us after the process. Don’t worry you have a nice career as me, and a sexy hot body. Sex is wonderful in that body too, but I wanted to be young again, and start over, seeing how the other half lives. You get the chance too, you are just a little more mature is all in body anyway! Don’t take it to heart, you will love it, think of it as a whole new adventure, and now you don’t need to go to college either, I will go in your spot on that college grant!

Ms. Dickson’s dad came out and was happy the experiment worked, but not happy his daughter lied about the reversal being successfully possible. Jack was in utter shock and disbelief, but found a way to deal. With his new desires, he used booze and sex to get him in bliss again. He ended up blowing the entire football team while drunk on vodka one night shortly after the swap. He was later fired, but his new dad, the scientist hired him as his assistant, even though his real daughter wasn’t in that body he felt sorry for the guy.

Jack agreed, but still maintained a steady flow of men from town to satisfy his new urges, along with a big supply of booze! Meanwhile, Trina in Jack’s body became a player at college, something she despised when she was a woman. Later she would invent a way to make the swap possible again, but at that point neither of them wanted to swap back.

As for Trina’s dad, he had a secret desire, and was fulfilled when he agreed to swap with Mindy Mounds an ultra busty stripper, and now with his daughter’s fix, they could swap back too, but nether did either, both loving the experiences their new bodies allowed them! Jack now Trina became a stripper with Trina’s dad now Mindy Mounds. The new Trina got implants, and became Trina Tremendous, and from then on Trina Tremendous and Mindy Mounds were the headliner strippers in town!


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