Teach her responsibility – Part 3

You’d think having the worst parents in the world is enough, but to them it ain’t! They thought me and my sister were “irresponsible” and some other shit, so they got their hands on some fucking product that swaps bodies. My father Anthony swapped bodies with my sister Jessica and my mother Maggie swapped bodies with me.So the day after mom and dad swapped us, each one of us got something to do. Jessica went out to do some shit and my dad stayed home. I don’t know where my fucking mother went– now in my fucking body of course! Apparently, my mother had to go to a hotel opening ceremony or something like that. I was still furious at my mother that night and I wanted to teach her a lesson. Nobody who swaps bodies with me can go unpunished! She thinks she and dad are teaching me and Jessica a lesson…. but no–it’s the exact opposite.I decided to wear the most slutty clothes I could find and there were sadly not enough. Somehow I found a really short skirt and a white slim shirt that made the tits look huge.Lemme tell you something I don’t regret in all of this nonsense…… My mom is a MILF. And when I say a MILF, I really mean it. I tell you, if she hadn’t gotten a job in hotel management, she’d be a fucking pornstar. Her tits– hehe– MY tits are fucking huge! They’re swinging around everywhere I go, I just wanna squeeze them the whole time. And my ass– Ohhhh– my fucking ass– it’s amazing especially in this skirt. I tried looking at my self in the mirror and I still can’t believe that’s me. Those eyes– Those eyes that look like they’re eyefucking you the whole time. Of course, I was too creeped out to think about something sexual while I was in her body because– well, she’s my mother for God’s sake!But that didn’t last long… you’ll see why. When I came to the ceremony, I was greeted with silence because noone was used to seeing my mother like this. Throughout the whole party, the guys just kept creeping behind me and staring at my ass. Eventually, this guy came up to me and said “So, what do you think about the rooms?” and I said the most stupid thing ever:” I dunno, wanna try’em?”LIke, who says that! In the meantime, while we were going to one of the hotel rooms, I figured out that the female hormones kicked in and that I was no longer attracted by women, but by men. I think you can imagine the rest of the story: I blew him, he ate my pussy, he fucked me in the ass, I blew him again, he fucked me in the ass agan, then in the pussy for the end. I regret it all… What’s that? What do you say? Why did I regret it? Well, first of all the sex was amazing, I would’ve done it a million times again if I could, but the real reason I regret it is because I didn’t know there were security cameras in there, I don’t know why for, maybe so someone doesn’t steal before the opening or some shit.Somehow, that footage got to my mother… How do I know? Because she texted me and it said: “I see you had fun… That’s a very bad move. You’ll get what’s coming to you. P.S. You should better clean that skirt so that there are no cum stains. I don’t want to wear clothes with cum on them IF I swap us back…”


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