Shut up!

Dude! Shut the hell up! Someone is going to hear you!Me? You are the one fucking me! I never knew you grunted so much when you fucked a girl!I am not the one who pulled the stupid card out of the hat!Fuck you! I didn’t know there was a gender switch card in there! How the hell was I to know that? And what about you? Pulling that damn card that says you have to take the girl closest to you upstairs and give her something she has never had before? Steve you are such a jerk. I told you to go sit somewhere else after you changed, but Nooo, you had to get all shy and sit next to me until the game was over. Fuck you are tight!Mike you are such an asshole! What was I going to do? I sat beside you because I didn’t want any of those other guys looking at me like this! Ohhhh jeeze you have a big cock.Will you just shut up and let me get this over with? Its one thing to fuck someone I don’t know, but fucking my best friend who has been turned into a woman is another. Mind you, you make a pretty hot chick!You mean you aren’t about done? Fuck Mike! We can’t be up here all night. I can’t be a …. FUCK OH FUCK!What’s wrong?Im cumming…. IM FUCKING CUMMING!Maybe this isnt bad after all. You make a good babe! I think I may just fuck you a little bit longer. Give you something you haven’t had…..What the hell is that?Multiple orgasms!


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