I’m one of the girls

Well it has to be said this has been one interesting day. I’ve been in the company of three lovely pretty girls throughout.What they haven’t realised it that their new friend, the fourth girl, the one on the left in this picture, is normally a man. And why would they?After all right now I have the body of a woman. I have a vagina just like them. I have shapely legs and a nice bum like them. I have breasts like them too, heck they’re even jealous of how big they are! Problem is, I love this body. I only did this so I could get close to them, find out what they wanted in a man so I could later swoop in and be that very man that they desired. But I don’t think I can leave.At first, I was so aroused by being with them, my breasts were tingly and I was so wet and damp between my legs but as time went on that shifted.I noticed that my focus shifted from their bodies to mine. My focus went to how my body looked and felt.I felt my nipples tingle as the breeze went over them. I felt the heat of the sun beat down on my soft smooth skin. I felt how my breasts shifted and moved. I felt all this and realised, I could never go back. The feeling in this body was too exquisite.I’m not one of the boys anymore, I’m one of the girls. And I’m going to stay with them!!!


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