I hooked up with this hot chick at the bar and we ended up back at my place drunk and struggling with each others clothes. Both naked she demanded that I go down on her for a little warm up before the main event. I love the kinky girls. Between her legs I found a beautiful and sweat smelling pussy that tasted better that anything I could remember. Our moans turned to screams as she climaxed and sprayed my face with her girly juices. I continued my work, cleaning her pussy as my body felt different, not bad just different. Looking down I found she had drained me of my masculinity and replaced it with the body of a wanton bimbo. She was a succubus and I was now her slave, to be bound by lust to her forever. She would use me for all kinds of sexual perversions while pleasure burned through sexy body. My life would become one endless blur of orgasmic lust with her every whim pushing me further and further away from my old male identity. I couldn’t be happier. Any one else out there want a lick?


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