Tanya Teabags

Terrence found a fairy in his garden, a tiny one flying around with dragonfly wings almost! When he spoke the fairy, she listened, and spoke back to him!

“I’m the Playful Fairy, what can I do for you? Do you wish for something, if so I may be able to help with that, but once you do there’s not turning back. What do you say there bucko,” said the fairy, winking at him with her tiny right eye.

“You have to be kidding me, I’m not on drugs or drunk, what the…. You are real?! This is insane. I’m in shock here, and you offer me a wish? Wow, just wow,” said Terrence.

“Yes I’m offering you a wish, and YES I’m a real fairy. You’ve been living next to a mysterious forest for what, 10 years now? Ever thought of exploring it? You might have found me much sooner then. As the Playful Fairy, I grant you one wish, but as I said, just remember there is no returning a wish. Think carefully, once done, it’s final, and I grant no more wishes to you,” said the fairy.

“Fine, fine. Let’s see, I need to be careful with my wish. I wish to be taking a… TEABAG, fairy I have to check on my TEABAG in the house! Sorry fairy I’ll be right back to you with that wish,” said Terrence, stunned he forgot about his tea in the house.

The fairy heard the wish, “No worries human, me dear human, you wished for ‘I wish to be taking a teabag.’ so I think I’ve got it.”

The magic came from the fairy as she glowed pinkish, then flew off into the forest. Unfortunately for Terrence, there was a BIG misunderstanding! Somehow, he was now suddenly laying on his red leather couch feeling very strange, with a set of balls in his mouth, staring at some guy’s naked ass!

He could feel long hair tug at his head, and huge weights on his chest as his new hands went to grab them. His crotch felt empty, yet wet and aroused, his ass huge, and his legs smooth, and encased in something silky and smooth, as he feet felt smaller and in some kind of bent sandal, those feet also encased as well. He felt soft, and curvy all over, and a bit bigger, as Terrence was a skinny guy before.

The guy above him spoke before Terrence even had a chance to get that guy’s balls out of his mouth, “Thanks for doing the teabag on me, Tanya, I love it when a buxom babe like yourself sucks on my balls! That feels so good with your waxy lips around them, sucking them into ecstasy! I bet you love the taste of my manly balls, Tanya, I mean they don’t call you Tanya Teabags for nothing!

At that moment, Terrence heart sank, and he nearly passed out right there. Somehow the teabag comment he made, that interrupted his wish backfired, and the fairy granted what he said! They guy on him even sounded familiar, it was his buddy Jack! Somehow this wish made him some curvy kinky chick, and put his buddy at his house naked while he was doing him! What kind of twisted messed up wish was this? Then he also realized the fairy said the wish would be final, and no others would be granted to him! Sure enough he didn’t see or hear the fairy nearby, but then again he was pinned down by Jack, staring at his naked ass and balls.

Terrence’s new reality was he was now Tanya Teabags, and no one but him and the fair remembered Terrence. He was some kind of buxom kinky slutty gal who loved to teabag men! The longer he felt the balls in his mouth, the more he couldn’t resist, he somehow liked guys now, and sucking balls turned him on big time!

As Jack spurted on his tits, Terrence had a huge orgasm as well, tingling his whole chubby body, then he had another, and another! Once Terrence calmed down he got up and nearly tripped in the heels, but manage to get to a mirror. There in shock, he seen his new self, what he would be seeing from then on, a woman! He wasn’t bad looking, but looked good in a slutty sort of way, as he seen his huge tits, covered in his buddy’s goo!

Jack said, “Yah, Tanya babe, that was wonderful once again! What was your rate, $400 for a session, well worth it. I have to go now, you take care of those luscious lips and boobs for me babe, I’ll be back next week. Take it easy you hot sexy ass bitch. I love those fat tits and that huge ass of yours.”

Terrence, now Tanya, realized she was just a piece of ass to him now, and he wasn’t much of a friend. In fact, she would find she’s pretty much known as the whore outside of town, where horny guys stop for a quick session, her specialty, tea-bagging. Tanya had tears roll down her face, as she realized she was stuck like this, and was super horny for guys now, a true slut in every sense, and so turned on by balls! She realized she should have been more careful during that wish, but it’s too late, and despite her shock, her new dainty hands already raced to her vagina, rubbing it with anticipation of seeing another man, she was a curved teabag slut and couldn’t help her self or her new desires and lusts!


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