“525” What is it about that number?, “why does it always have to be exactly at 5:25?” I asked myself. It’s been almost a year. It is always the same, every 5th or 25th day of a month, at exactly 5:25 pm I swap bodies with a random person. The first time was on September 5th, and it was quite confusing, especially since I swapped bodies with a pregnant woman. I had some of her memories, but I wasn’t ready for the mood swings. Then 20 days later, I swapped bodies with an old man. It was quite a boring life, but I had no choice but to go on with it.

Then on the 5th of october I swapped with another woman. She was quite hot, all the guys at the office were trying to sleep with her. I wasn’t ready, so I pretended to be sick and stayed at home, trying to hide from all men. I continued swapping bodies, always on the same days. What got me into having sex as a woman for the first time? well, on december 25th, it had to be on that day of course. I entered the body of a hot bonde woman, while she was having sex. I already had her husband’s thing inside of me. I was sitting on top of him, with my eyes closed moaning like a crazy bimbo. He grabbed my ass, which just made me feel sexier. I started thrusting up and down, enjoying every moment of it. I just couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it before. During that period, I had sex with him every single day. Too bad it was over on january 5th.

Right now, I am in the body of a housewife, although sex is great, I am quite tired of taking care of my kids. I am hoping the new life I jump into this next July 5th is a careless one.


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