Hotel Hijinks

*slap slap slap* That’s the sound of Chris plunging himself onto Becky’s cock. “Damn it Chris you’re really into this aren’t you?”
“Mmmhmm!” *slap slap slap slap*

They had not been to this part of the tropics before but everything they read said it was beautiful this time of year. They found a hotel that got rave reviews from everybody that visited.

Reviews were short and said things like ‘STAY HERE IT’S AMAZING.’ And ‘What an incredible experience. You just have to stay here. Won’t spoil it for you.’

After the first night they awoke to find their bodies swapped. Chris felt incredibly horny and begged Becky to give him a good fucking with her cock. They would stay this way until they checked out. Of course when they found out how much fun they were having when the swapped bodies they called their respective bosses back home, lied and told them the flight was canceled and they couldn’t get a plane for another four days. They indulged themselves and their fantasies to the fullest and swore they would return as often as possible.


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