Submit – Part 3

I was overwhelmed by this luscious body. My nipples were erect, my pussy was wet, and everything was enhanced by the intense feeling of vulnerability. She had complete control over me, it was scary yet thrilled me in ways I never thought possible.

She kept rubbing my clit as shock waves of pleasure spread through my body. Suddenly realized that I had been thinking of her body as my own. This was getting out of hand! “Please baby, you have to change us back. I think I’m loosing myself.” I panted between tiny gasps and moans.

She stopped rubbing my clit and looked me right in the eye. “That’s right dear, you are loosing yourself. That’s how the spell works. The more sexual excitement you feel, the more you become me and I become you. A few orgasms and you will forget ever being a man. But don’t worry I’ll be here to take your place.” She smirked, flexing her muscles in satisfaction.

“What? Why would you do this?” My eyes wide in terror. I tried to free my hands to no avail.

“Shhhhh baby, it won’t matter soon. In a few minutes you’ll be begging for my dick.” She took of her shirt and bent down to look at my pussy. I felt so exposed. “God, your pussy looks so tasty.” She said before diving her tongue into the soft fold of my vagina. My eyes rolled back and a long feminine moan escape my plump lips.

No! I thought, I have to fight this. I can’t submit to the pleasure or else I will loose everything.


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