Are You Even Listening?

“Now just because you’re inside my body because of that stupid swap class, doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want with it.” Rachel explained over the phone to Tom. “You have to keep my vegan diet, you have to jog at least at least 10 km a day…”

Tom was barely paying attention as he stripped off Rachel’s clothes and played with his nipples. It was so naughty to touch the body of the head cheerleader like this. Tom lay back and began exploring his tight wet vagina as Rachel droned on about ground rules.

“And don’t you dare think about touching my body in any sexual way you pervert! God it’s bad enough I’m stuck in your nerdy body…” Rachel continued.

“Mmmmmm” Tom moaned accidentally, now two fingers deep into his borrowed pussy.

“Tom!? Tom? What are you doing? Have you even been listening to…” *Click*

Tom hung up the phone. He was so horny now that he needed both hands to please himself. Tom was going to get the most out of this body while he had it, no matter what Rachel had to say.


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