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Potion Grenade

*cough cough* What the– What the heck did that guy just throw at us? Where did he go? Was he wearing a bath robe? Did it just get colder? Read more

Porno of your Dreams

I’ll admit I felt like a bit of a sucker, falling for that old guy’s pitch. “This is a magical porno that will change according to your personal fantasies.” I guess I was caught up in his weird magical-looking store, and how he guessed my name right when I walked in. So in the age of the internet, I did the unthinkable: I bought some porn. Read more

Target Acquired

Here he comes, right on time. Young Todd, here to mow my lawn. But I’ve seen the way he stares at me, and I’ve drank in those randy thoughts of his. And that’s when I’m dressed in appropriate clothing. In my sexiest corset, he’ll be like a puddle in my hands. Read more

Just a spell or two

I thought it would be fun to cast a spell to turn my boyfriend into a hot girl. I’m certainly not regretting it, but I probably could have toned down the lust spell.

On the House

The bartender I’d been admired finally made her way back to where I was sitting. I was already a drink or three in, so I no longer had the willpower to pry my eyes away from her stunning cleavage. Read more

Hop and Go Seek

[Unknown Number]: game on. I’m somewhere in the bar[You]: mike, is that you? [You]: are you texting from someone else’s phone? [Unknown Number]: u know it [Unknown Number]: I found a good one this time. come and find me 😉 [You]: dude, you gotta give me something to go on. you could be anyone in here! [Unknown Number]: k. i’ll send you a pic [Unknown Number]: [Photo Attachment] [You]: :O [Unknown Number]: I know it’s only partial. if you want to see more, I guess you’ll just have to find me. 😛 [You]: ready or not, here I come. [You]: 🙂