School Reunion

“Hey man it’s been a while.” a girl said walking up to me.

I was at my ten year High School Reunion and this woman I didn’t recognize walked up to me.

“Oh you mustn’t recognize me.” she said “I’ve changed a lot these last few years, it’s me Mitchell. I’m going by Minnie now, I decided to take that drug Fem-X, the one that turns men into women.”

“Really?” I gasped “You…really have changed.”

“Sure have.” she said running her hands up her curves “And it’s for the better, I feel so good, people compliment me all the time and I’m a total bombshell.”

“You’re very pretty.” I told her.

“I wasn’t sure about coming to this reunion but…” she smirked at me and walked closer “The thought of my old guys friends seeing me like this just…well it made me fucking horny as all hell. I’ve been having this fantasy about taking one of you back to my hotel room and letting you fuck the shit out of me.”

I just gulped trying not to stare at her.

“So…you interested.” she smiled seductively “I remember the locker room, you were certainly packing some big weaponry.”


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