A Change… SEXtuplets

Paul Tuplet and his five brothers wished they could have a change, get sex, as the tuplets thought they should. They had went hiking and discovered a fairy by a hot spring, allowing the six of them one wish. That was their wish, and the fairy not understanding English all that well, knowing more ancient Elvish than anything, interpreted the best she could. She interpreted “sex change tuplets making them sex changed and sextuplets who craved sex, all identical of each other!”

The new girls stood their with long blonde hair, tight colorful leggings, and high heeled lace up boots wondering what just happened. The fairy explained, and said they only can receive one wish from her ever! They all felt weird, long hair boobs, empty crotches, tight paints over shapely smooth legs, and tiny feet in high heels, with soft skin, skinny arms, and much thicker lips. They were freaking out a bit, then their sex cravings kicked in, and of course the fairy gave them the default on that, they were women now, so they men and cock now.

One even rubbed her new crotch in the leggings, and said in her sexy new voice, “I need to get laid, I know I changed, but I don’t care, I need sex now, I need a big strong handsome hunk.”

The others agreed, and left the forest out in search on a “manhunt” in search of men to satisfy their urges for sex!


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