New Me

I’ve always been a bit of an outcast. You know, the kind of guy who’s alone most of the time, or hanging out with strange guys like him.
I was into metal music, didn’t like going out in public, never dated any girl…

One day, as I was on my favourite gaming forum, I saw a thread promoting a “life changing” website. Being curious, I read the post and decided to register to this “New You” website.
You only had to download an app to “start your new life”. I thought this was some sort of Sims-like game. I installed it and when asked to create a character, I tried to describe myself as thoroughly as possible.

The character creation was quite complete. You had to describe yourself physically as well as mentally. Your traits, your affinities, things you liked, didn’t like… When I finished, I clicked “Start your new life”, to launch the game.
What it did was very strange however. A big checklist appeared. “Changing mind…” and “Changing body…” were the two big categories.
The first item on the list was “Changing music taste…”
As it proceeded, I wondered what kind of game that was. When it was done, it played a song from one of my favourite band: Metallica. As I listened to it, I couldn’t help but to cringe. I found it hard to listen to, I wasn’t sure why. Then another song started playing: Miley Cyrus. At first I wanted to stop the app, but as I tried to do so, I found myself not bothered by her song anymore. Hell, I even started to wriggle to the music. It was quite catchy.
I started to question myself about this game…

Then, the list went on. The app changed my sexual orientation, my alimentation, my friends criteria, my habits, my hobbies, …
For instance, I started thinking about my next yoga lesson, about the healthy food I was going to cook for my friends tonight, even about my “boyfriend”.
But none of this bothered me anymore at this point, what really did though, was this disgusting boy’s body I had. It was like, so gross!

That’s when the app started to change it. I watched myself in the mirror as I started losing in height and weight. The smallest details made me incredibly ecstatic. My hands became dainty and nail polish appeared out of nowhere. I loved the color! I started jumping in excitement; this made me realise that the swinging sensation didn’t come from my crotch anymore, but from my chest.
As I jumped, I also noticed my hair getting longer and longer.
I was becoming sooo pretty, this is totally awesome!

I struck a pose. The small, old part of me that was still there told me that I looked fake and dumb as fuck – especially with my right hand on my shoulder like that – but I couldn’t care less anymore. As soon as I took the perfect selfie for my Instagram feed, the old me died.

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