Something in the beer

We were at a party, the owner of the house was rich as hell. He told us, “We will play a game. There 24 rooms in this mansion. In one of those rooms there is a girl craving for sex, she is hidding from us. Don’t worry, she is up for it, she 21 year’s old, she want’s to lose her virginity more than anything, and she is hot. When I say go, the game will begin, whoever finds the girl, will have to yell <found her> and lock the door of the room. From there, what you do with her is up to you and the girl.”

We were about to start running, when he said. “I must warn you, the game isn’t over until the girl is found, no one can leave the house until we find her. It can be a long night, please refrain to drink during the game, for the girl’s sake being drunk is forgiven. We don’t want anyone raping her. Plus don’t do anything she doesn’t want you to do.”

I had already drank a couple of beers at home before the party. But oh well. There were 6 of us there, and only one girl, I wasn’t going to stay in the living room if I could be having sex with a good looking girl upstairs.

The owner yelled “go!”. We all ran around the house like crazy, I started thinking of her, she was 21, so she must be cute looking, with smooth silky skin, brunette and light colored eyes. It had been hours and we haven’t found her. Most of the guests had given up. Only my pal Tom and I were still looking for her. I entered the game room, and saw a blue couch and a beer on the table. I thought “I give up too”, took the beer and drank it. I felt extremely drunk, like if I had drank 20 beers. “what the hell was on this beer”, I felt hot, I had to take my shirt off. I was panting. At that moment I saw my pal Tom open the door, he yelled “found her!”, and locked the door. I was confused, I didn’t see the girl when I came in. I looked around, couldn’t see her anywere. I took another zip from the beer. Everything got clearer, I came to this party to lose my virginity, and at least a handsome guy found me. I pulled up my skirt, and said in a sexy voice “what is your name sailor?”. — “Tom” he said nerviously. ” — “Come here Tom, I will make this a night you won’t forget, just be gentle, It’s my first time”.


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