More Contaminated Water

Bradly had just come home from a long day at work, his wife was working on dinner so he decided to take a nice relaxing hot bath. Once the bath was filled he stepped in and sank low into the water. He closed his eyes and let out a sigh as the aches of the day left his body.

All the time Bradly couldn’t help but feel strange in the water, like his body was tingly, more than usual when he took a bath.

“Babe!” Bradly’s wife, Cheryl said running in “I forgot the news said…Oh god!”

“Hmm?” Bradly opened one eye.

Cheryl just pointed down, Bradly followed her eyes, and came face to face with two large breasts.

“What the…” Bradly poked them and gasped when they felt real “I’m a…girl?”

“There was a chemical leak at the plant down the way…” his wife said “Some Fem-X seeped into the water supply…”

“So I’m stuck like this?!” Bradly snapped.

“Fem-X is irreversible.” Cheryl said “Sorry…I let you finish up…”

Bradly was left there alone in the tub, to adjust to his new body.

“Fuck it.” Bradly said rubbing his clit “If this is how it has to be whatever…I just need to burn off stress.”

Bradly laid there fondling her breasts and fingering herself to an orgasm. Her huge tits felt nice and soft in her hand and the sensations from her pussy were like nothing else, it didn’t take long for her to break and cum in the water.

“Oh wow…maybe this ain’t so bad.” she smirked “Well I could get sued to being Brandi.”


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