Dr. Stein was going to be happy with our progress this week. My husband, Ray, could barely muster up the courage to touch his own cock while occupying my body during our first Swap Therapy session. I could tell his attitude changed after he gave his first handjob. I saw the sense of accomplishment that every woman feels the first time a man covers her hand with jizz.

By the third week he got brave enough to put the cock in his mouth. It was only for a minute or two but I could tell he enjoyed it. I rewarded him by showing him what a properly licked clit felt like. I don’t think he ever believed women were capable of multiple orgasms until that night.

This week he was in total control. He picked out some lingerie and didn’t even need my help putting it on. He didn’t say a word as he sauntered over to me. He simply dropped to his knees and began sucking the cock in front of him.

I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. He knew what this cock liked and was expertly using my body to bring it as much pleasure as possible. I watched as a he took of his bra off without removing the dick from his mouth.

The sight of my tits swaying, their pierced nipples begging to be touched, was enough to put me over the top. My husband knew what was coming before I did. He reluctantly withdrew his own cock from his mouth and looked up at me with a look puppy-dog eyes, his hand furiously pumped away.

“Cum on my tits,” he moaned.

Just as he pressed the tip against his chest, I let out a grunt along with a few ropes of hot cum. He let out a cute little gasp when he felt his reward hit his chest. He let go of the cock and looked down at his newly decorated bosom. I always loved feeling his load on my rack. Now I loved how sexy it looked from his angle.

I felt small rush of warm liquid flow up my still hard cock. “I think I’m still coming,” I said.

Without thinking, Ray stopped enjoying his view and eagerly licked the drop of cum hanging from the tip, then went right back to starting at his tits.

I knew by this time next week I would be shooting an entire load down his pretty little throat.


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