Swap between friends

“What’s with the grumpy face Kevin? Are you mad because Claire chose to swap with me instead of you? Mike asked. “No! of course not, why the hell would i want to be a girl” Kevin protested. “Then what’s the matter?” Mike wanted to know. “It just dosen’t make sense. Why would Claire want to become a guy? And why are you so happy in her body? You’re a girl now!” Kevin couldn’t understand their reasons. Mike looked at him when suddenly he realized something. “You had a crush on her” Mike smiled. “No i didn’t!” Kevin wanted to hide it but his blushing face said everything. “Aww, you’re so cute. Do you feel the same towards me now?” Mike smirked. “No! You’re not Claire” Kevin said and turned his back. “You hurt my feelings you know. And i am Claire no matter what you say!” Mike put his hands on his hips manifesting displeasure but Kevin just left the room.

He still couldn’t belive what happened. When his Friend Mike and crush Claire told them she want to swap bodies with one of them he tried to presude her it’s bad idea. But Claire already made up her mind and chose Mike to take over her life, body and identity. Kevin almost broke down. His crush was now a guy while his best male friend became the girl of his dreams and seeing how the two of them are enjoying their new bodies he knew they would never switch back


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