Strangle or Straddle the Genie

Ted wished to the genie for lots of fish for his business, as he didn’t want money just handed to him. The genie was a bit mischievous and granted the wish differently.

Ted felt weird, and he now had long hair, boobs, and a pussy, wearing only a bra, and fishnet pantyhose. He also smelled fish!

The genie said, “You were granted your wish, TESS! You have lots of fish smell now that you are a hooker, your business is hooking now, and you won’t just get money handed to you unless you put out!”

Ted, now Tess jumped on the genie, who was well dressed with a dress shirt and tie, a more modern genie. Tess demanded to be changed back in her sultry sexy voice, but the genie said he granted the wish, and that was all he could give!

“It could be worse there Tess, I mean you still have a job, and it pays well, and you’ll get pleasure for it. You are young and hot, just be glad I didn’t turn you into something else. I twist wishes, its’ what I do, when people wish for themselves. If you had been less selfish, nothing bad would have happened to you or anyone, not that this is really that bad, you look hot baby. Want me to be your client for the evening? I’m for it! Let’s go baby,” said the genie smiling.

Tess on top of the genie was about to choke him, when she realized she was ultra horny now, and he looked hot! She wondered what size a genie’s cock was! She freaked out about this.

She said, “Why do you look so good now? What did you do to me? What did you do to my thoughts?”

The genie said, “I just turned you into a hot hooker, you’re thoughts are what you would have in that body, it’s your own sexy body leading the way baby! You like men now, lots of men! Also group sexy, cocks, and cum.”

“GENIE!!! OH YOU… are so hot, let’s have a go, what do I have to lose, I’ve already lost my manhood and my fishing job,” said Tess giving up and in to her new desires and life.

“Now you’re talking Tess Tease,” the genie said stating her whole name.


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