Where I Got Them

I laid in my bed, having just come in from the pool. I hadn’t bothered to change out of my bikini: it was a hot day and this was more comfortable. I held the stupid “magic” stone in my hand. Some strange old woman had given it to me on the street the other day, claiming it could grant any wish I wanted. I knew there was no such thing as magic, but not wanting to be rude I took it anyway. And now I was laying in my bed with it in my hand.
I held it close to my stomach, just barely able to see it over my breasts. “I wonder if Mom’s boobs were as great as mine before she got the reduction,” I thought aloud in a whisper. I wasn’t sure why my mind had gone there; it’s not as though that was something I thought about often, but now I couldn’t stop thinking. So I made a wish, even though I knew it wouldn’t work. I wished to see Mom before she had gotten her breast reduction.
Suddenly I was outside, in my home town, but 24 years earlier: the year I was born. As amazed as I was that the stone actually worked, I quickly noticed it had left me in just my bikini. I shrugged: it was still a hot summer day, so I guess I won’t look too weird.
Then she walked past me. I could tell by her features that she had to be my mother, and my eyes were quickly drawn to her chest where-
“Holy shit! She’s even bigger than me!” I said, a bit louder than I had intended. She spun around and looked at me, her at least E-cup breasts held proudly on her chest.
“Yes, they are,” she said, looking at my C-cups. “Though if you knew what it was like lugging them around maybe you’d rethink your jealousy. Now why don’t you go put on some clothes: they may not be as big as mine, but the boys will still stare.”
“Oh, um,” I stammered. “My clothes were…stolen, while I was at the pool…” I knew it was a lie, and I wasn’t sure why I told it, but she bought it anyway.
“Yeah, that’s happened to me a few times too,” she sighed in disgust. “Here: I have some things that might fit you back in my car just around the block. I was supposed to be meeting my husband back at home for a date night, but I guess I can be a little late.”
She led me back to her car, the sun going down as she unlocked the door, reached in and handed me the clothes. I put them on, and they fit reasonably well. The shirt was a bit baggy, as I expected, but so were her pants. I hadn’t even noticed her rockin’ hips and bubble butt until now. I definitely hadn’t inherited any of those.
“Oh, I’m definitely late now!” she shouted, looking at her watch. We had taken a slow walk to her car. “Sorry, but I have to run! See you around!” And with that she drove off.
“Sooner than you think,” I said, waving after her.
I went to the local gas station, so I could wait inside for my wish to wear off and send me back to my time. There was only one employee, and he was in the back, so I just sat in a corner by myself, waiting. I started to feel really hot all over. The AC was still on, as far as I could tell, and my clothes were definitely made for summer weather, but I felt like I was burning up. Then I started to feel sick. I ran into the ladies’ room, and bent over the sink. The sickness passed, but when I looked up, things had changed.
My hair was shorter. It had been shoulder length, but now it came barely to my cheek, and my bangs were even shorter. The blonde dye was gone as well, leaving it my natural brown. My features seemed somehow harder as well, and to my horror I thought I saw faint traces of stubble on my cheeks.
“Wh-what’s happening?” I managed through gasps. I stared at my reflection, watching as my shoulders broadened, and my curves began to fade. I pulled off my mother’s stank top, and say that my waist had lost it’s slimness. A little above that more noticeable changes had started to occur as well.
I had left my bikini top on under the top, to act as a bra. but now it’s cups seemed…more empty. I watched as it became more and more useless as my breasts shrank from Cs, to Bs, to As, to…
Nothing. My chest was now completely flat, my nipples had even shrunk down, and were now just small pink spots on my otherwise flat chest.
“Agh!” my deeper voice screamed, my hands moving instinctively to my groin, the source of the pain. I felt so much pressure inside my tight pants, and the pain was becoming unbearable. I managed to undo the zipper, and let my pants drop to the bathroom floor. Beneath my now-exposed bikini bottom, I saw three lumps forming, two on the bottom, one on the top. The bottom two swelled slightly before they seemed to pop out of my groin, but the top one kept growing larger and larger, until it started to peek out from the top of my bottom.
“No-no…” I said as I braced myself against the sink. I ripped my bikini bottom off, and my newly formed penis flopped out. My mouth hung wide in shock before I turned back to the mirror.
Everything about me seemed…mannish. My shorter hair, the stubble on my cheeks, my flat pecs and firm abdomen, and my…my dick. I reached down, about to touch my new appendage, when a bright light surrounded me, and when it had faded I was back in my own time.
My room looked different. The pastel colors had been changed with harsher tones. I opened my closet, and instead of seeing dresses, yoga pants, and tank tops, I saw regular t-shirts and jeans. I opened my underwear drawer, and instead of finding panties I saw a drawer full of boxers. I took a pair and slid them on, wanting to hide my new parts as much as possible before I went to lay down on my bed.
It didn’t take long for me to piece together what had happened. I had distracted my mother for too long, delaying her and my father’s date night, and as a result I had been born, but I had born a different gender.
I guess now I had inherited much less from my mother…


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