Stop Jumping on the Bed!

Earl had always seemed to act like a child. Specifically, there was nothing he loved more than jumping on the bed. He had done from when he was two until he was 20…and showed no signs of stopping. He simply loved doing it, to an almost scary degree. Needless to say, it annoyed the hell out of every roommate he had, but Earl never came close to stopping. So, when Earl’s jumping interrupted his newest roommates massage, Rick was understandably angry. Rick, secretly a warlock, decided he had enough of Earl’s jumping obsession. At the very least, Earl’s jumping could be a little more…pleasurable in the future.

Earl couldn’t stop laughing. He had scared the crap out of Rick with his jumping. He scared him so much Rick had to cancel his massage, the sign still laying there. He saw something strange though…for less than a second it almost looked like Rick’s hand was glowing pink for some reason. He brushed it off, that couldn’t have really happened, right? Rick grinned maliciously, saying “Ok Earl…go ahead. Now I’m ready, go ahead and jump on this wonderful bed for me?” Earl shrugged. He thought this was a little odd, since Rick seemed to always hate it when he jumped on the bed, but he wasn’t about to sacrifice a chance to engage in his odd “hobby”. As he first lay on the bed, he felt his body tingle slightly…that was strange. With his first jump, his legs began to lose their hair, becoming far more slender as well. With the next jump, his feet became dainty and delicate, painted with pink nail polish. On jump three, his ass began to grow, with his hips widening into a more feminine figure. His body was exploding with pleasure as it transformed, with Earl barely noticing the changes themselves. His waist narrowed, as did his shoulders. Soon, massive breasts erupted from his chest, as his face became soft, delicate, and feminine. His hair was tied up in a bun. As he kept jumping, slowly his cock began to shrink, eventually receding into his body and forming a feminine slit.

With the transformation complete, Elena winked at Rick. She giggled erotically, saying “Hey Rick…I need something new to jump on, ok? This bed will be boring all by itself…” She licked her fingers, drawing Rick near. As she began to ride Rick’s giant cock, she nearly exploded with pleasure. There was nothing better then jumping on a cock in bed, at least for Elena…


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