Still Drunk

Ned was drunk at the party when the Great Shift hit, and he thought he was just passing out from all the booze! When he came too, he was still woozy and drunk, and finally sat back on a chair still at the party. He wondered why his hair was so long, his chest so heavy, and his crotch so flat, but was too drunk to care!

Later he would pass out again, and when he woke up with a hangover and a bad taste in his mouth, his new reality would set in! He was now Natasha Dixon, the very woman he had been hitting on at the party off and on. He wanted her body, and now he had it, only this was not what he meant! He wondered what that smell was and that nasty taste in his mouth when he woke also, and when he opened his new eyes he seen a big limp cock next to him, attached to a big fat hairy bald dude! He would find he had blown a random dude drunk at the party, his new desires getting the better of him with all that booze.

To make matters worse, Ned, now Natasha, seen his old body get up and said, “Wow, that Great Shift think must have happened, I’m a dude now! I think I’m that weird guy that kept hitting on me at the party. Oh well, at least I’m not in that slutty body any longer, I hope whoever got it enjoys my huge cravings for cock! I’m outa here!”

With that Ned’s heart sank realizing he was stuck as Natasha Dixon, and his last name fit, he would be craving of “Dixons”! After stumbling over a few more naked men passed out at the party, he was noticing he was already getting turned on by them. He looked in the mirror and screamed, realizing he was stuck as a cock slut!


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