Special Pills

George told Mac to take the pills, and don’t ask where they came from, saying they would make him feel different yet good. Mac took the pills, and he turned into a super busty woman after blacking out. When he awoke he was stunned at the weight, and had a hard time even sitting up! As the hair cascaded around his face, and the boob weight was tugging at him, he realized he changed.

George smiled at Mac, “So Mac, or should I call you Macy now? You are a vision of beauty. Those pills I got from the guy in the bathrobe at the mall have worked wonders on you.”

Mac, now Macy replied, “How is this possible? I’m a woman! I’m flippin’ huge! Look at these things, look at them!”

George smiled, “I am looking at them, and they are huge, and I like them a lot!”

Macy was felling for her cock and found none, realizing just how soft and curvy her body was, she was in fact very buxom now, and said to George, “Why am I feeling so strange, its like… Oh my you actually are starting to look good to me George. Oh no, I want to suck your dick. I want you to take me from behind, and then flip me over and cum on my tits. Oh my, what’s wrong with me, why do I want to get my nails done and go shoe shopping later? Oh no, you made me this way! I’m a chick even mentally now, how could you George, how could you… um keep that cock away from me for so long?”

George smiled and unzipped, “Not much longer Macy, now bend over.”

Macy almost instinctively did what he new man wanted as she was so horny and ready for a guy! Deep down, she was wondering why she was doing this, but the feelings were too overwhelming to ignore at all!


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