Soft breakup

When my girlfriend it was over between us i was really surprised. But i was even more surprised when she proposed me to have sex a last time. I tried to talk to her, to make her change her mind about our relationship but she have already began to undress. She had that look saying it was no time for talk. God i loved that look. I changed my strategy and play her game, hoping she will change her mind after. We began to make out and she took a strange position. Standing right behind me, she began to kiss my neck and rub my dick with one hand. I couldn’t do anything to her like that and, i was enabled to move, stuck in the pleasure i felt from her touches. Lost in extasy i wasn’t paying attention of my body changing, becoming softer, smoother, my haire growing shoulder lenth. It was when my moaning became high and feminine, i began to realised what happened. But it was far too late ,her hand have already wash away my dick and she have begin to dig into my new pussy. I couldn’t resist the feeling of that touch i moaned again, forgeting all this situation to succomb to simple pleasure.
– You make a really beatiful girl Julie, you will love your new life. After i make you come, i will rewrite the reality. In this reality you have always been a girl.
– No please don’t make me cum, i managed to say. I don’t want to be a girl. Why are you doing this.
– That way there is no drama after break up, everyone is happy. I promess you will be happy, just let it flow. Embrace your fate.
I felt a rush in my stomach and my mind was overflowed by pleasure. I let out a moaning, louder that before. I knew my life as a man was over, erased by new memories.
When i awoke, i was in my bed, alone. My phone rang, there was a message from Joe, my bestfriend but it seem he was more like a boyfriend in this reality. Following the advice of my ex-girlfriend, i invited him to come home. I decided to not mourning about the loss of my manhood and girlfriend but embrace my new life and gaining a new boyfriend instead


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