Smoking hot sister

“Hey Jessica! What´s this?”
My sister studied at the gem that I had found in the attic. “Grandma told me about this, she said she had collected `magical` stuff over the years. They never worked so she stuffed them away. You found this one in the trunk, right?”
“Yeah, the big brown one”.
“This is the `Smoke Stone´, when held up to the a light source you should see small swirvling clouds inside.”
Holding it up against the lightbulb in the roof I couldn´t see anything moving. “Nothing”, I told my sister.
“You see, the stuff she bought never worked”.
“But what happen if I hold it up to the candle over here then? They couldn´t have had electric lightning back in the days when they created the stone”.

The flame on the candle burned bright. The second attempt rewarded me with the realization that magic maybe wasn´t just a myth. The light from the candle was what I just needed.
I could see small clouds moving around inside. They were utterly captivating too look at and my whole attention was focused into it.
“Brad, your body. You are turning into smoke!”, my sister screamed. I dimly registered her voice.

By turning to smoke my conciousness was all that was really left of me. I moved around like I was flying.
My senses had been dulled but I saw my sister next to me. She had all but freaked out. Something drew me to her, to come closer and closer. My insticts said that I wanted to get inside of her.

Smoke flowed through her mouth and down her throat. The smoke, her brother, was forcing itself on her. When the last tendril had entered her she felt how she became more and more tired, powerless even. Her body became heavier for every second and she could not stay awake. She slipped into a deep sleep.

The girl suddenly began to cough heavily, the throat felt like someone had had marathon smoking session with a big pack of cigarettes. Brad thought that this had been the most disgusting feeling in his life so far.
Feeling the cool breeze on his now exposed skin and how the clothes felt all clingy and tight he realized that something wasn´t right. His chest was all heavy and his butt felt constricted.
Looking down he was welcomed to hos new body by two well-shaped breasts in a deep clevage.

“Fuck! I´ve become my own sister”, he whispered in her soft soprano


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