Crush swap

Kyle was never one of the most popular kids in school. He wasn’t bad looking but had his mind set on one girl, Chloe. He had fantasized about her every day since fourth grade but she wasn’t aloud to have a boyfriend until she was 18. Kyle had known that and waited until the very day and asked her out on her birthday. He had offered to take her to a movie and dinner and she happily accepted. They had great time and but Chloe started to act strange when they headed back to his place. In the car Kyle got several hints about having sex that night and he was ready. When they got home she had to use the bathroom so Kyle decided to get undressed and wait in the bedroom. Suddenly he passed out and he woke up in Chloe’s body. He was so shocked and decided to take off his shirt and tight leggings to reveal his blue bra and panties. Before he could do anymore exploring, his previous body burst in the door and carried him to the bedroom and laid him on the bed. Chloe explained to Kyle as she took of his panties that she had used a spell into the bathroom to swap each other. He was starting to feel like her and was really horny. As he stared at her cock he realized how big it was. After giving him a blowjob she put her cock inside him and It felt so good as she fucked him and squeezed his breasts. He came multiple times before she did and they are like this forever because she came inside him. Kyle realized he likes it a lot better to be her then to be with her. It was a pretty good deal for him because her boyfriend has a huge cock and she’s learning to be a woman easily.


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