Skank Evalutation

Fred did a skank evaluation after hearing Jenna was a nasty smelly skank. He stole her body to do the eval as well. He pulled off his skirt, and kicked off his flats.

Fred said as he documented information, “Smelly nylon feet, check; smelly pussy, check, nasty taste in the mouth, check; thoughts of well hung studs, check; sweaty boobs, check; sore vagina, check; sore butthole, check. Wow, I must have entered Jenna’s body after some hot sex session or something.”

Little did Fred know she had just had sex with three school football players after school, and that he was stuck as her as well! He didn’t realize the spell was one way, and he was stuck as Jenna the skank for life. Meanwhile Jenna in his body freaked out at first, but started to like not being such a horny slut all the time. She kept quiet and so did he, but he remained a nasty smelly skank, his urges to great, and his body too sweaty after hot sex sessions, and wearing flats that didn’t breath well all day at school.


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