Strange Wish to Be Someone’s Bitch

Gerald was clear to the one wish genie, “I wish I was someone’s sexy bitch, and that someone be mean and abusive while I submit. That would be so sexy.”

The genie granted it and reality changed. Gerald remembered his old self so he cold see the changes of his wish, but everyone else now knew him as Geraldine Dixon. Her boyfriend was none other than Charlie Cox, a well known bully in town that he went to school with and was beaten up by several times.

Charlie yelled to the new Geraldine, “Take it bitch take it now. I’m the man here you’re the bitch, obey me, I’m your ruler!”

Charlie was grabbing Geraldine’s leg so tight it was getting bruised, and he was starting to slap her face with his other hand, really hard, then pulled her hair, yanking her new head closer to his!

Geraldine said in her new voice, “OH.. Oh… my goodness, what was I thinking wishing… ugh… for ugh… this ahhhhhh OUCH STOP PLEASE!”

It was too late, the wish was made, and now Geraldine was stuck with a rough boyfriend who was an asshole who liked to use HER asshole frequently.


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