Show Me

At first I was humiliated and depressed when the Great Shift swapped my girlfriend and I into each others bodies. She took to being a man almost instantly, as if she always wanted to have a dick. She would constantly hit on me, making lewd comments, grabbing my new plump ass whenever she could. I wasn’t ready for anything like that though, still getting use to having soft bouncy breasts and a vagina.

One day, while my girlfriend was out, I decided to have a shower and try masturbation for the first time. I started by getting all slippery and soapy, enjoying the feel of my smooth body. My nipples became hard little points and my hands slid up to squeeze them. “Mmmm yeah, this is actually pretty nice.” I thought, as an unfamiliar heat grew down below. Tentatively, I slid one hand down to my pussy and began to massage my lower lips. The feeling was electric and radiated up to my nipples then throughout the rest of my body. Without thinking I probed a finger into my hot, hungry pussy… then another one. It was so erotic, the feeling of something thrusting inside you. I was lost in new world of female pleasure, not even noticing the moans and tiny gasps I was making.

Suddenly large strong hands grabbed my sensitive breasts from behind triggering my first female orgasm. The intensity left me weak in the knees but those strong arms held me in place.

“That is only the tip of the iceberg baby, let me show you the pleasures of a woman.” My girlfriend had snuck into the shower while I was distracted. I could feel her naked body press against mine. My former cock nestled between my ass cheeks. Feeling naughty, I reached behind and began stroking her dick, becoming larger and harder in my hands.

“Mmmmmm, show me. Show me what it means to be a woman.” I sighed.


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