Shockingly Gross Shift

Vinnie here experienced the shock of his life after the Great Shift put him into the body of Sarah Sweeny, as she was pleasing her well hung boyfriend to orgasm! When he came into his new body the first things he noticed instantly were a long hard warm cock in a much smaller hand, twin sensitive weight tugging at his chest, a much smaller softer frame, a pleasing yet wet void in the groin, long wavy hair and bangs around his face, and most of all waves upon waves of hot sticky cum flying at him, landing on his face, and chest. The look on his new face said it all, he was not prepared for what was to cum, no pun intended! The feel, smell, and even taste of the cum before him was disgusting him, but at the same time turning him on with his new body’s urges! Vinnie would have to say the smells hit him the most, the smell of his own wet turned on pussy and more prominent the smell of the hot cum on his face and chest.


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