She Just Doesn’t Understand It’s An Art Form

What the hell is happening to me? I mean, I know what’s happening. I’m being fucked! But why, how? I’m a man! At least I’m supposed to be! It’s just that suddenly I’m in a white room. Just me, this chair and this black man. I think it’s a man. I can feel the muscles ripple in his massive thighs, but why can’t I see his face? Just a torso and upper legs and that huge black cock! It’s like a metronome. Tick, tock, tick, tock, in, out, in, out. Never speeding up, never slowing down and never cumming. It feels nice, but what about those wonderful female multiple orgasms I’ve heard so much about? Tick, tock, in, out. How long will this last? Hell, I don’t even know how long it’s been going on. An hour, a day, forever? It’s like we are caught in an endless loop. Do you want to know the weirdest part? The weirdest is that every now then, not always, but every so often I could swear we’re being watched!

In another place, a woman grinned evilly at the picture on her laptop. “I warned that pervert to stop reading those smutty captions on that Open TG Captions web site. Since he likes reading them so much, he might as well join in. So I transported him into a gif and posted him to his favorite site! Now he can perform for all the other perverts.” With that, she closed the laptop’s lid and walked off laughing.


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