She can always pick ’em

Lauren shook her head and sighed as she entered the apartment. There on the couch was a blond woman wearing some of Lauren’s clothes, playing with herself. She was clearly lost in bliss, and didn’t even notice Lauren had entered the room.

Lauren was forced to wonder once again whether putting that curse on her clothes had been a good idea. Years ago she’d discovered that some of her clothes kept getting stretched out. She suspected her boyfriend at the time of trying them on, but he stalwartly refused. A simple spell from her mother’s spell book and she had her answer. She came home to find her boyfriend turned into a girl, playing with herself.

She’d gone through five boyfriends since then, and every single one of them had eventually tried on some of her clothes and been turned into a girl. The curse was quite permanent, and Lauren always tried to help the new girls start a new life by buying them a one way ticket to California. They’d have to figure out the rest on their own.

Now as ex-boyfriend number six played with his new pussy on the couch Lauren couldn’t help but wonder. Was it something about her? Did she just attract cross dressers or something? Was she attracted to cross dressers? These were questions she’d asked herself before. On her third ex who became a girl she tried to keep dating him, now a her. Unfortunately the new girl turned out to be quite straight, and Lauren came home from work one day to find her getting plowed by some other guy. That had been the end of their relationship, and Lauren had to really work to prevent herself from getting pissed off and turning them both into dogs.

Maybe that had been the wrong approach, Lauren thought now as she watched her latest boyfriend approach orgasm. He was gasping and groaning as he touched himself. Maybe she should change herself into a guy, Lauren thought. Yeah… that might work…


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