Secretarial Changes

The screen read, “Ted we didn’t want to make a scene, so we are telling you this way. You are demoted to secretary effective immediately. Also, our secretaries are female, so we will have to adjust for you also. Standby Ted.”

There was a flash, and Ted turned instantly into the female version of himself had he been born a girl. What shocked him the most wasn’t the breasts, which were average, or the vagina in place of his cock and balls even. What shocked him the most was how large his ass became. Apparently if he had been born a woman, he would have had a huge ass! It expanded so much, it ripped open his pants and undies!

As Ted grabbed the twin butt cheeks, feeling their softness and amazing size, he realized he now had two built in pillows of ass! Soon after an exec from the Office Wardrobe Inc. store came into his office with his new regulation female attire for the office, to be appropriately dressed for his new role as female secretary! The trouble was, none of the skirts fit his new fat ass, and the ultra firm control top pantyhose they brought didn’t help much, the fact was he had a huge ass!

Finally once they got his wardrobe done, he was now renamed Valerie and as SHE looked at her new fully dressed secretary self in the mirror, she was told this is her last chance for a job, if she messes up again, she’ll be fired! Tears rolled down her new cheeks as she realized she never should have been so incompetent in a company that works on body transformation technology!


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